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Pre-built HIPAA Compliance and EHR Interoperability for Healthcare Apps



MedStack delivers built-in privacy and security protocols and an HL7 FHIR data model in a Developer-flexible cloud hosting environment with pre-written HIPAA privacy policy documentation, accelerating healthcare apps to market.



What is compliance and do I need to worry about it?

If your digital product collects, shares or deals in personal health data, privacy legislation compliance is non-negotiable. Achieving compliance is typically complex, expensive and an ongoing effort. Simply using a compliant cloud hosting platform does not make healthcare apps compliant with Canadian and U.S. health information privacy and security regulations, nor will it easily integrate with the healthcare industry and existing health IT systems.

MedStack empowers you to achieve and maintain compliance while focusing on the specifics of your project. Our mission is to help healthcare enterprises onboard healthcare applications by meeting specific IT diligence and expectation practices 60% faster.


Find out why HIPAA-compliance is more than just using Compliant Vendors




What We Do




Privacy Operations

Pre-written privacy policy documents for compliance and special discount rates for consulting services from highly-recognized privacy experts.



Application and data cloud hosting with built-in privacy operations for US (HIPAA) & Canadian compliance and robust Defense-in-Depth security.



Developer Flexibility

Bring-Your-Own-Architecture approach to developer freedom across language, database and deployment tools, with support for customer analytics suites.



Integrated HL7 FHIR format database API for easy EMR/EHR data interoperability across a wide range of vendor systems.


We support the largest selection of infrastructure technologies and tools 

Coding Framework






Git Push

Hosting Server

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
IBM Softlayer

Don't see your tool here? Contact us. We will work with you to implement your preferred stack.




Starting at

$350 /month

Includes entry-level infrastructure, cloud hosting & compliance documentation 


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MedStack offers a pricing plan based on your preferred infrastructure selection. 

Our entry-level package Includes:

  • Small app server
  • Your choice of Database
  • Infrastructure Costs
  • In-country Hosting
  • Compliance Documentation
  • Service Level Agreement and Business Associate Agreements

We offer special arrangements for customers on vendor credit programs. Contact us for more details. 

How does MedStack pricing work?

We work together with your development team to set up an enviroment that supports your preferred developer tools and specifications. As your resource requirements grow, MedStack's platform package will scale to meet the expectations of various-sized infrastructures. 


"As a technology leader in several mature healthtech startups and two global enterprises, I am too often frustrated when I need to reinvent the same solution at each organization.

Finding a secure hosting partner who can ensure I am compliant with the relevant HIPAA and PHIPA regulations has been impossible until now. Honestly, thank goodness I have found Medstack! Medstack eliminates the not-insignificant distraction and costs of building out and maintaining my own PHI hosting, devops, and health-related integration infrastructure. This allows me to focus on our company objectives, namely putting my time and energy into building our unique product.

I have lived this merry-go-round too many times, and I am delighted to be able to finally outsource it. Privacy is a competitive advantage in healthcare; yet, obtaining and maintaining an audit-ready privacy infrastructure is an escalator of investment that rapidly grows into six-figures. I am delighted to have discovered Medstack and the time, money, and sanity I am able to reclaim and reinvest where it will have much greater impact."

Adam Cole Former CTO, Newtopia

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Download the MedStack platform technical overview.

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