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MedStack simplifies and accelerates achieving privacy compliance and system integration for healthcare apps, getting them to market faster. 



What is compliance and do I need to worry about it?

If your digital product collects, shares or deals in personal health data, privacy legislation compliance is non-negotiable. Achieving compliance is typically complex, expensive and an ongoing effort. MedStack empowers you to achieve and maintain compliance while focusing on the specifics of your project.


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What We Do

MedStack is a cloud hosting platform for healthcare applications that significantly reduces the time and cost to develop solutions by building in privacy compliance and an integration-ready data model, prioritizing developer flexibility and ease of use without compromising best-in-class security.


Privacy Operations

Privacy Operations




Developer Flexibility

Developer Flexibility




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MedStack is built to be modular and customizable for your needs, while remaining economical. Contact us.


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"As a technology leader in several mature healthtech startups and two global enterprises, I am too often frustrated when I need to reinvent the same solution at each organization.

Finding a secure hosting partner who can ensure I am compliant with the relevant HIPAA and PHIPA regulations has been impossible until now. Honestly, thank goodness I have found Medstack! Medstack eliminates the not-insignificant distraction and costs of building out and maintaining my own PHI hosting, devops, and health-related integration infrastructure. This allows me to focus on our company objectives, namely putting my time and energy into building our unique product.

I have lived this merry-go-round too many times, and I am delighted to be able to finally outsource it. Privacy is a competitive advantage in healthcare; yet, obtaining and maintaining an audit-ready privacy infrastructure is an escalator of investment that rapidly grows into six-figures. I am delighted to have discovered Medstack and the time, money, and sanity I am able to reclaim and reinvest where it will have much greater impact."

Adam Cole Former CTO, Newtopia

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Download the MedStack platform technical overview.