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We are MedStack.

MedStack is driven by a singular question that asks "What can we do to take the tremendous innovation and creativity in technology entrepreneurship today and apply it to the world's biggest problem?" We are all believers in the powers of software ecosystems, yet observe that chronic disease is rampant, and hospitals still rely on a foundation of paper charts, and verbal/memory-delivered histories, while next-gen technologies are more powerful than ever. Our mission is to bridge this gap.

MedStack is proudly based in Toronto, Canada and is an alumni of Dreamit Health, the Creative Destruction Lab and the Canadian Technology Accelerator.

Balaji Gopalan


Balaji Gopalan, CEO

Balaji is focused on marketing and business development. He is a career Product Manager, now a recognized expert in the discipline and in the business of software platform ecosystems. His proudest achievement comes as a member of the original skunkworks team that built and launched BBM at BlackBerry, now relied upon by millions worldwide.

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Simon Woodside, Chief Product Officer

Simon is the visionary behind the platform and developer offering. He has led a rich career in software development and entrepreneurship, and is a recognized expert in digital security and healthcare technology. He followed a stint at Apple with his first entrepreneurial venture, the world's first downloadable 2D barcode scanner, which was covered in The Economist as well as major tech journals.

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Simon Woodside


Proud Alumni


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