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[fa icon="plus-square"] Developer Evangelist

Do you see, as we do, the powerful role of technology in transforming fundamental processes, experience, and services in everyday life? And, as we do, do you believe that communities of innovators are the key to accelerating these transformations? So much so that you feel most at home as an active participant at developer meetups, pitch and demo nights, coding Q&A forums, beta reveals, hackathons, etc?

Do you happily consider yourself a “security geek”, enthusiastic about the cloud but diligent about its robust use in the development of apps?

MedStack, a new revenue-generating startup providing cloud developer tools for healthcare apps, is seeking a Developer Evangelist who shares our vision that a rethink of the world’s most critical problem needs to absolutely be based on the power of a broad software ecosystem of innovators.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Represent MedStack at local Developer and Startup events, particularly those with a technical and / or healthcare and / or security focus
  • Seek out and establish opportunities to present, sit on panels or Q&A
  • Seek out and participate in Twitter chats, webinars and other online events taking place locally
  • Meet with and provide both strategic and deep technical support to current local Customers
  • Drive feedback about Customer and market requirements as well as competitive and technology intel back to the core product and marketing team in Canada
  • Celebrate and evangelize wins from local companies building on the MedStack platform
  • Conduct initial business development and technology evaluation with strategic partners (infrastructure providers, compliance experts, system integrators, studios, etc) based in the local community


  • Experience building and commercializing cloud-centric applications (IoT, machine learning, big data analytics, database aggregation, etc) as a successful founder, startup employee or hobbyist
  • Demonstrable thirst and comfort for the latest software development practices and environments (be ready to show us!)
  • Experience, comfort, and passion for public speaking, especially to technical audiences
  • Passion for public writing (blogs, social media, discussion forums, etc - show us)
  • Availability and readiness to attend and participate in local evening and weekend events
  • Recent or near university grad of Computer Science or Engineering

Bonus Points:

  • You’ve won hackathons, coding challenges, etc
  • Our stack is Ruby, PostgreSQL and that works for you
  • You’ve got a solid network with local meetup organizers, coworking spaces, accelerator personnel and entrepreneurs - we could call them up and they’d say good things about you
  • You’ve got familiarity, experience and interest in digital healthcare, in areas such as HIPAA, EMRs / EHRs etc

This is a part-time, contract position initially, with expectations to grow to a full-time role. Ideal for a young, ambitious and independent individual seeking to establish a solid background for a career in Product Management or as a startup CTO.


[fa icon="plus-square"] Back End Developer - Healthcare BaaS

We are seeking a creative, diligent and detail-obsessed Back-End Developer to join our team. We're looking for the kind of motivated developer who lives on Stack Overflow, with the instinct and experience to sort through the jungle of options for databases, infrastructure, libraries, operating system versions, shell scripts, deployment scripts, block storage, object storage, volume encryption, etc. and orchestrate it all into a tightly running machine across database, APIs and admin, built for scale and ongoing enhancement. In this role, you will balance both ongoing hardening of the core infrastructure to support our rapid growth with the addition of new features and capabilities that make the creation of healthcare apps even easier.


  • Construct a scalable and automated cloud platform using open source tools
  • Develop a REST API that is easy for application creators to use
  • Lock down security in an industry where penetration is a major concern
  • Design our systems to be maintenance-free and run without the need for human intervention


  • Smart, self-motivated, independent, and always looking to learn
  • Must be willing and able to pick up new languages and technology, and not be afraid to fail early and often
  • Concise, clean code that's measured by quality and functionality, not LOCs
  • Good programming principles are an absolute must

Skills & Experience — It will definitely help if you are familiar with:

  • Linux, servers, command-line tools, shell scripting, containers, virtualization, deployment, scaling
  • Server-side application management (linux containers, deployment automation, horizontal scaling, load management)
  • Security and encryption implementations and practices (SELinux, LUKS/dm-crypt, pgcrypto, active monitoring, pen testing)
  • Database design, schemas and implementations
  • Open source software (Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Debian Jessie)